The Abracadabra Experience

Abracadabra is more than a store…

It’s an exciting, fun, colourful and mythical experience for all to enjoy.

Be taken back to the 70’s and the Age of Aquarius that first laid roots right here on the north coast of NSW.

We believe in taking only the best in all that life has to offer, so feel free to chill out, take it easy, spend a little time embracing the good stuff, and have a little fun!

A happy hippy
be a happy hippy

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46 Byron St, Bangalow, NSW, 2479

Open 7 Days, 5:30am to 12:00pm

The Abracadabra Story

photo of abracadabra in the 1970s
Abracadabra as it looked in the 1970s, when it occupied just a tiny space in a former butcher shop. Today we occupy a site many times larger

We began in a tiny ex-butcher shop in the seventies. Today we inhabit a space many times that size.

Back then we had the biggest bunch of baskets under the sun, as well as selling used furniture, bric-a-brac and second-hand books. Today we sell incense, clothes, prayer flags, wind chimes and even model cars!

The story of Abracadabra is intertwined with the transformation of the sleepy village of Bangalow into the thriving diverse community and creativity haven that it is today

See the transformation for yourself: watch the old TV commercials with the girls in the yellow t-shirts and listen to the infectious jingle, or take a look at Bangalow the way it was back in the seventies when it was barely more than a truck stop on the highway.