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All the Abracadabra Jingles

We all know that “the biggest bunch of baskets under the sun are here in Bangalow”, but did you know there are eight versions of the Abracadabra jingle, including a rare one based on the Entertainer? Which version do you remember?

All the Abracadabra Jingles

Our infectious jingle has been played in its various guises since Easter 1982, and for those who are curious, they were written by once-upon-an-ad-wiz Hamilton Du Lieu, and sung by local artist Geoff Dutton.

It’s a great show, at Abracadabra today
Come to Bangalow, Abracadabra and more…
We’d love to see you down here, West of Byron Bay…
We’re Abracadabra in Bangalow, West of Byron Bay..
the biggest bunch of baskets under the sun are here in Bangalow…
Abracadabra in Bangalow, that’s West of Byron Bay…
Abracadabra theme (instrumental only)
It’s a Great Show theme (instrumental)

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