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Bangalow in the 1970s

People, landmarks and shops in Bangalow in the 1970s, when the highway came straight through the main street.

a photo of the deserted shopping centre in Bangalow in the 1970s

Bangalow was just a quiet little country town, not at all wealthy, and decidedly rural in its nature.

There were four garages in the main street, which amounted to little more than a truck stop and which was, incidentally, also the highway back then.

There were no trendy cafes or restaurants, no galleries, boutiques or antique shops, as there are today.

But there was a motel and a caravan park, and if you were

hungry, well you had to be content with just a fish and chip shop and a bakery.

Hamilton took the time to document Bangalow streetlife with his camera, although that might be a misnomer.

Notice the deserted streets, the unkempt side-walks and the cracked pavements. How the times have changed…

Photos by Hamilton Du Lieu

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